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Don't Be A Prick

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Don't Be A Prick

Don't Be A Prick - Be Kind

I was scrolling news posts this morning. I see another kid ... only 12 years old ... committed suicide. While pondering what drove this gift of life to escape the pain permanently, I continued to read about what was going on in the world. After every article, "good or bad," there was a great amount of comments. Have you ever read these comments? Quickly, I found myself understanding why the 12 year old wanted out of this world so badly. There is a lack of hope illustrated by how people treat each other.

I simply want to say this: your child is watching you. If you call someone names, guess what your child thinks is okay. Bullying is TAUGHT! Whether your words refer to someone who has hurt you, the neighbor who needs to wear more clothes, the man with the 7th DUI or our president of the United States, it is wrong. It is just as wrong as whatever bullying lead this 12 year old to take her life. The words of the children and adults around her provided no hope. If there was hope for a better day, she'd still be here!

Furthermore, when we say belittling things about people, whose character does it really reflect? 

If I call someone a jerk (seriously, wish I would have read that word over everything I did read, by the way), it shows MY hurt. It shows MY heart. It shows MY feelings. It teaches my kid that calling someone names is okay. It teaches my kid a very wrong way of dealing with hurt that provides no relief, honestly. Instead I reflected the actions against me by stooping to name calling. Who is the jerk now?

Food for thought ...

Much love!