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Don't Be A Prick - Be Kind I was scrolling news posts this morning. I see another kid ... only 12 years old ... committed suicide. While pondering what drove this gift of life to escape the pain permanently, I continued to read about what was going on in the world. After every article, "good or bad," there was a great amount of comments. Have you ever read these comments? Quickly, I found myself understanding why the 12 year old wanted out of this world so badly. There is a lack of hope illustrated by how people treat each other. I...

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Spirit Lead Me ... Where I'm Comfortable You remember how I left off with, "may the Spirit lead you where your trust is without borders?" Well, I might have forgotten to say, uhh...adventure time! I would have said, "buckle up!" However, there is no way to prepare for what you are about to encounter. I fought the idea of starting a business. It's uncomfortable to leave what you know. The standard. The steady. The comfortable.  What person leaves the comfortable? I'd love to tell you it is me - the person that is following God's will instead of their own. Well,...

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Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust Is Without Borders The moment I decided to leave my promising career had some scratching their heads. Not only did I have a guaranteed paycheck weekly, but I had attained my dream job. It wasn't easy either. A decade before that, I was homeless. Some would gasp at the fact I was homeless. I was a version of happy though. Not joyful yet, but happy. You see, I chose that over living with my abusive father. I was somehow safer on the streets then what most people would call "home." I worked hard to pull myself off...

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